Our Customers - Who Uses our Shipping Container Clearance Services

The Container Removal Company (CRC) fully removes and recycles unwanted shipping containers, offering quick and safe shipping container clearance. Our customers benefit from expert container removal and transportation to a UK commercial recycling centre. CRC container clearances are managed with efficiency, professionalism and welcome competitive prices! Each client receives a bespoke, one-to-one service. This enables us to make sure individual requirements are met, and access/ transport issues are thoroughly dealt with. 

Reasons to Dispose of an Unused Shipping Container

Once a shipping container becomes surplus to requirement, we strongly recommend removal and responsible disposal. Here are some reasons why:

  • An unwanted shipping container takes up a lot of valuable space.
  • Redundant containers are often unattractive – with age and neglect, containers degrade, corrode and possibly leak substances.
  • It is possible that an unused shipping container could attract pests, like rodents, wasps and bees.
  • The longer an unwanted container is out-of-use, the higher the likelihood of hazardous deterioration. This could make it more costly and difficult to remove and safely recycle.

So who are our customers? And where do most of our clients come from?


A business may have installed one or more shipping containers on their private land. This is often for storage, but also for reasons when extra space is in demand. If the requirement has passed, then the business is left with a large metal box taking up room on company land or car park. CRC offers an expert service to remove shipping containers from your land, and also deals with their safe disposal.

 Construction Sites

Shipping containers are regularly used on construction sites. Perhaps this is for secure storage of tools and materials, or as temporary accommodation. Although shipping containers are portable and can be moved on to the next job, once wear-and-tear takes its toll, they are no longer suitable and must be cleared. When looking for container removal companies, CRC provides professional collection, transport and disposal.

Private Homes

Do you have a shipping container on private land that is no longer in use? Converting shipping containers into extra storage rooms, sheds, garden rooms and gyms, amongst an array of other ideas, is very popular. But some years later, when the enthusiasm may have worn off, your container could’ve fallen into disrepair and neglect. CRC organises removing unwanted shipping containers, together with haulage and recycling to UK standards.


Shipping containers are frequently used at outdoor events, for instance festivals, shows and exhibitions. After the event, these containers are redundant and can be a costly burden. As an experienced container clearance company, we can dispose of any unwanted shipping containers.