First Stage

Discuss the dimensions of the shipping container that needs removing

Second Stage

Assessment of the access to the shipping container

Third Stage

Arrangement of a convenient date for shipping container removal

Fourth Stage

CRC removes your shipping container with ease and efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take from first enquiry for my shipping container to be removed?

    CRC will removed your unwanted shipping container as quickly as possible. Where possible, we try to carry out removal within a week of your enquiry.

  • My shipping container is very rusty and worn. Will CRC still collect it?

    CRC removes even the oldest, most battered shipping containers. Unlike most companies, we do not remove shipping containers in order to resell them, therefore we will not refuse any shipping containers which are in poor condition.

  • My shipping container is difficult to access. Will CRC be able to remove it?

    Where access is challenging, we work with the customer to work out the specialised equipment that will be required to remove the shipping container. We will ask the customer the send us photographs of the access and any factors which may prove challenging, in order that CRC can be fully prepared for the access challenges that may arise on the date of the shipping container removal.

  • How straightforward is payment for the shipping container removal?

    For maximum ease and security, all payments are accepted via bank transfer and a VAT receipt will be provided.

  • My shipping container is full of rubbish. Will CRC still collect it?

    For removal, CRC will require that the shipping container is empty with the exception of steel goods which we will accept. Shipping containers found to be containing steel mixed with waste of other materials will not be accepted and the client will be charged for the failed collection.

CRC is a Registered Upper Tier Waste Carrier

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