Custom Size Container Removal

How to Dispose of a Custom Size Shipping Container?

Bespoke container builds come in all shapes and sizes. Standard shipping containers can be cut down, added to or stacked. At some point in the past, you may have installed a bespoke container conversion at home or at your work. In the years that followed, wear and tear can take its toll and the container may no longer be  fit for purpose. You’re now left with a dysfunctional eyesore, taking up valuable space on your property. The Container Removal Company (CRC) specialises in solving this type of problem. We offer custom size shipping container disposals, including travel to your container, full removal (whether the structure itself needs to be dismantled, or simply lifted onto a suitable haulage vehicle), and transfer to a registered recycling centre.

What is Classed as a Custom Container Size Removal?

Standard shipping container sizes are 20ft and 40ft. Mostly these are cut down to popular 10ft and 30ft dimensions. But bespoke sizes are custom built and widely available. Here are some examples of the bespoke sizes we dispose of:

  • High Cube Container Disposal – For extra height, high cube containers are the usual answer. We remove and dispose of 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft high cube shipping containers, as well as bespoke high cube sizes.
  • Double Wide Shipping Container Disposal – Shipping Containers are quite narrow, so often two containers are joined together to give extra room. We deal with all standard and bespoke wide shipping container removals.
  • Disposal of Shipping Container Conversions – Container conversions are a clever way to create extra space. But over the years, enthusiasm can wane and requirements change. A container conversion can fall into disrepair and neglect. At this point, removing it becomes a priority and we can help you with that.
  • Stacked Shipping Container Disposals – although more complex, we are certainly able to handle complete dismantling, removal and disposal of such structures.

Custom Size Shipping Container Removal Near Me

We operate throughout the entire country; no location is too remote or too difficult for us to access. Just let us know the full details, and we will get to you. Whether your scrap bespoke size container is in a rural setting, a residential area or a busy industrial estate, we provide you with skilled, practical solutions and an efficient service.