10ft Shipping Container Removal

How Can I Get Rid of an Old 10ft Shipping Container on my Land?

Here at The Container Removal Company (CRC), we offer professional 10ft shipping container collection across the UK. We operate in all environments, be that industrial, residential or rural. No unwanted 10 ft container is too remote or too difficult for us to clear.

Do you Remove Rusted or Unsafe 10ft Containers?

No matter the state of your container, we are happy to completely clear it from your premises. Unlike many companies, who sell on previously owned shipping containers, we do not resell old units. Most shipping container dealers are simply not interested in moving old containers if unsaleable. This is where CRC comes to the rescue! The condition of your container, including rust, holes and other water damage, is not important to us. But please bear in mind, if we judge a container to be too hazardous to transport, our operatives will have to fully dismantle and secure it for haulage purposes.

What Happens to my Scrap 10 ft Container Once Collected?

Once collected, we deliver your scrap 10ft shipping container directly to the nearest licensed recycling centre. We are certified by the Environment Agency as registered upper tier waste carriers, and ensure all containers are disposed of responsibly.

Contact us to Arrange 10 ft Shipping Container Removal

Please get in touch if you have an unwanted 10 ft shipping container to be collected. Wherever you are in the country, we can get to you! Our experienced operatives use specialist lifting equipment and a range of haulage vehicles, making access to the most complex locations easier. We are sure to provide you with skilled, practical solutions to your container clearance problems.