40ft Shipping Container Removal

I Want to Remove a Large 40ft Shipping Container From my Land – Who Can Help Me? 

The Container Removal Company (CRC) can! We don’t resell old containers, but concentrate exclusively on clearing and disposing of containers that have passed their prime. If you have a redundant 40 ft shipping container and are struggling to get it moved, contact us to discuss an all-inclusive quote. This will cover transport to your property, removal of the structure (either by lifting or full dismantling), then haulage to a registered recycling centre.

My 40 ft Container is Corroded and Rickety – Will you Still Collect it?

As we don’t trade refurbished or pre-owned containers, condition is not important. If your shipping container is in an extremely poor state of repair, including rust and leaks, we are the ideal choice! Most standard container companies simply wouldn’t be interested, and so we step in and help solve the problem. We deal with the logistics, expertly removing containers that have become eyesores.

What Happens to 40ft Containers Once Moved Off Private Property?

Our 40 ft container movers transport their loads directly to the nearest suitable recycling centre. We are certified by the Environment Agency as upper tier waste carriers, and use specialist haulage vehicles to responsibly move units to appropriate sites.

Are Container Removal Services Near Me?

CRC operates across the United Kingdom; no location is too remote, too busy or too awkward for us to reach. Our professional lifting and haulage equipment allows us to work within tight spots, managing removals effectively and efficiently. Wherever you are in the country, we completely remove your container, even in hard to access surroundings.

Contact us Today to Remove 40ft Shipping Containers

If you have an old 40 ft shipping container and want it taken away, get in touch today. Discuss the details and find out about our competitive costs. Use CRC, and your shabby, run-down container will soon be history!